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Print perfect prints with a lab: Colorworld Imaging

Mike Brydon, business development manager for Colorworld Imaging, explains how to get beautiful, vibrant prints in a digital world…

“Colorworld Imaging has been serving professional photographers throughout the UK and across the globe for over 50 years and during that time we have seen huge changes in the industry, but none more than the change from film to digital. Almost overnight, photographers were able to upload their images across the internet instead of posting their films to the lab. But at the same time, photographers and customers were able to view their images on their PCs and Macs.


“Move forward another 20 years, and as individuals we own pretty good cameras on our phones with an abundance of devices to view and store our images, hence reducing the need to have images printed by a professional or local retail lab.

“Amongst all of this ‘progress’ we seem to have lost something, a true emotion in the finished print. And yes, digital images along with their post-production enhancements look incredible, but until that image is finally printed we will never capture the real response that we are looking for in photography from our customers. The true emotion of a customer speaks volumes and is validation that our hard work has hit the mark.

“Over the years of progress, Colorworld Imaging has sampled and tested numerous papers and printed processes ranging from standard photographic lustre and gloss to the more exciting fine art and metallic papers now printed on extremely high-quality ink jet printers. Turn your image into true emotion with a great range of products from Colorworld Imaging, including framed prints, portrait and wedding albums, great options with fine art giclée printing and much more.

For more information, please visit the Colorworld Imaging website.

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