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Epson: Print like a pro

Posted on Mar 8, 2021

Remarkably compact and now free from black cartridge swapping, Epson’s SC-P700 is a worthy winner of our Best Photographic Printer award


You can’t beat holding a faultless fine art print of your best work. Maybe it’s the way that a scene’s details, tones and colours come to life so much more on a classic print than a backlit screen? Or perhaps it’s the action of turning something previously only digital, into a tangible item that you can proudly display or sell? With the SC-P700, Epson has made professional results more achievable than ever before in a home, office or studio environment, opening up this joy to an even wider audience. That’s why readers voted it Best Photographic Printer in our awards.

The SC-P700 introduces a violet channel for a wider gamut of blue tones. It has also done away with the need to swap black inks

Built around a new ten-channel printhead with 180 nozzles for each colour, the SC-P700 introduces a violet channel for a wider gamut of blue tones. It also does away with the need to swap black inks when you swap media – both pleasing improvements in ease-of-use and print quality over the critically acclaimed SC-P600. This set-up offers extremely deep blacks and silky-smooth graduation of blues, ensuring that every sky scene will look breathtaking, with each navy material faultlessly accurate.

Thanks to the Black Enhanced Overcoat (using ink from the light-grey cartridge), Carbon Black and Gloss Optimiser features, these rich blacks are ensured at all times, whether printing on gloss or matte paper types. With such impressive results for high-contrast and more subtle scenes, your prints are guaranteed to stop viewers in their tracks, whether displayed in your front room or a national art gallery.

The SC-P700 can take up to 13in-wide roll paper – perfect for stunning panoramas

Small wonder

Elegantly compact and boasting a pleasingly modern design, this printer has the smallest footprint in its class. With no open areas in standby mode, it’s protected from dirt and dust, increasing reliability, efficiency and product life. Taking fine art paper sheets up to A3+ in size and 1.5mm in thickness as standard, the SC-P700 also has a 13-inch spindle-less roll paper unit with automated paper feed, allowing you to break free of these confines when bringing panoramas to life. Media is inserted centrally and supported on either side to ensure an accurate, straight print path, and is illuminated by LED lights, so you have a direct view of the media surface while your print is being produced.

With its new, 4.3-inch LCD optical-touch panel, selecting printer settings is simple and intuitive. The screen can also be customised to display only the information relevant to you, allowing you to fine-tune its operation to your preferred approach. For those with truly professional needs, there’s the option of print information sheets to analyse your previous six prints, helping you achieve the perfect print result every time. Of course, it’s compatible with a wide variety of software, including Epson Media Setup for fast and reliable media management, as well as Epson Connect for Google Cloud print and Wi-Fi direct printing.

So, whether you’re an aspiring enthusiast with a penchant for printing, or a discerning professional looking to self-produce their next collection for sale, the SC-P700 could be the perfect fit. Delivering premium results from its relatively compact package, it’s a fantastic example of what a modern photographic printer should be.

Find out more on the Epson website.

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