Get 20% off SpyderX Capture Pro and SpyderX Studio until 14 July 

Datacolor has announced the launch of two new SpyderX tool kits, the SpyderX Capture Pro and SpyderX Studio. Both bundles include the recently released SpyderX colour calibrator, which is four times faster than previous calibrators.

The SpyderX Capture Pro includes the Spyder LensCal for calibrating camera, lens and DSLR components, the Spyder Cube to set while balance and RAW conversion, the Spyder Checkr for colour calibration and finally the SpyderX Elite, which offers professional monitor calibration.

The SpyderX studio features the Spyder Cube, SpyderX Elite and the Spyder Print for profiling any printer, ink or paper combination.

Both products are available now with the SpyderX Capture Pro priced at £355 and the SpyderX Studio priced at £399. Datacolor is currently offering a 20% introductory saving until 14 July 2019, with prices at £283 and £319.

For more information please visit the Datacolor website.