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Kase Filters launches new holder

Posted on Nov 14, 2019

The new generation K9 holder makes filter use even easier and suits lenses as wide as 14mm on full-frame cameras.

Kase Filter’s solution to using a polariser in combination with other filters is an elegant and very effective one. So, rather than placing a large polariser at the end of the lens in front of other NDs and graduate filters, it uses a magnetically attaching polariser sat next to the lens front, and then up to three other filters could be added. An ingenious rear cog drive is provided to allow quick and simple polariser adjustment.

The new K9 filter holder uses the same polariser mounting system, but this filter is now larger with a 90mm diameter, and this, together with redesigned filter holder rails, means the system can be used on lenses as wide as 14mm on full-frame without vignetting.


Handling of the lightweight aviation-grade aluminium alloy holder has also been enhanced with an improved polariser drive cog, modified cut-outs to enable easier polariser removal and a rapid-turn screw fastening.

Stephen Elliott, Kase UK’s technical director, said: “The last K8 generation holder was excellent, but we knew we could do even better with the K9. It is exactly what we think a filter holder should be: simple to use, practical, reliable and with no gimmicks. The fact that our designers and engineers have managed to make these improvements and make the new holder even lighter just proves what an innovative team we have. Our main goal for the K9 was to allow it to be used with ultra wide-angle lenses without compromise. We have achieved this and so much more.”


The new K9 holder is available to buy now from Kase’s website and at UK official stockist, Wex Photo Video. The K9 holder kit costs £140 and that includes the holder, slimline circular polariser and four rings, the 77mm and 82mm geared lens adapter rings, plus the 67mm and 72mm step-up rings. Kits are available, including the entry-level kit, which (for £365) features the holder kit, a soft carry case, plus two Wolverine 100mm filters, the 0.9 soft ND grad and ND64, 6EV neutral density. The top-end Master kit costs £745 and includes five Wolverine filters, including a 10EV ND.

Wolverine filters are made from toughened, high-definition optical glass and are scratch resistant, free of colour casts and water/dust repellent.

If you are a keen filter user, the Kase K9 holder and Wolverine filters are worth checking out. If you are already committed to a filter system, the Wolverine grad/ND filters are 100x150mm and 2mm thick, so will fit 100mm filter holders from other brands.

For more information, please visit the Kase Filters website.

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